Steps to Succes


We offer a full spectrum of services to help you find a right person. If this is your first time visiting the Love Russian Woman website, read this information.

The right start is very important in finding your future wife. We guarantee that you will save your time and money if you respect our simple reccomendations.

The best way to find a Russian fiancee is not to search the internet for women to start a long correspondence with. Nor do we believe in joining bride tours. Instead we believe that you are much better off going to Russia and then meeting women face to face.

It is not difficult, if you follow our simple, logical steps.

Step 1: Research

Set your goal – decide the type of marriage and partner you want, before getting involved in the process. Browse through the profiles on the Love Russian Woman site to choose the most suitable ladies you’d like to contact. Before you contact your favorite lady, do your due diligence. This means educating yourself about Russia and Russian women. Also, educate yourself about the legal process involved in bring your Russian bride home. A good starting point for Americans is to do a Google search for “K1 Visa.”

Step 2: Contact

Contact ladies you want to know better. Use our services to start corresponding with Russian women immidiately. Find out if the ladies you have chosen are interested in your personality. Try to know as much as possible about them in your letters. If you believe you have found someone you want to meet in person – Plan! and then – Act!

Step 3: Plan

Start preparing for your trip to Russia. If you don’t have a passport order one now. Russia will not issue a visa unless you have had your passport for at least 3 months. Set your travel dates. Purchase tickets, order a Russian visa and reserve a private apartment or hotel in the city center.

Step 4: Act

Get on that plane and go to St. Petersburg! Once there, orientate yourself to the city and meet that woman of your dream. Make that tough decision.

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