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We hope that this section of the Love Russian Woman site will help you with such not simple issue as cross-cultural communication. We will give you some advice on writing letters, sending photos, etc. Let’s start with do’s and don’ts that one should keep in mind starting correspondence with Russian women.

Do’s and Don’ts: Be Wise Writing Your Letter

  • Don’t make your first letter or email to a woman too short or too long. Show that you are interested but don’t be meddlesome. One or two sentences are not enough to attract women’s attention.
  • Try to tell essential information about yourself (age, personality, interests, maritifal status, children if any). But don’t send complete autobiography. It should be introduction, not a novel.
  • Send a picture or two with your introduction letter. Try to find a picture where you are smiling.
  • Don’t send a photo where you are seminude or wearing swimming trunks with your first letter. Serious Russian women will hardly answer it. Also avoid photos where you are smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t send pictures of your property, cars, etc. These photos can attract the wrong kind of girl.
  • Don’t make your letter anonymous and don’t forget to put the woman’s name at the beginning of your letter.
  • Before writing a letter to your favorite woman read her information carefully. Write a couple of questions showing that you want to know more about her.
  • Don’t touch upon sexuality and similar topics in the first letter. It’s better to leave this conversation for the future when you know each other better.

Attract Russian Women Through Letters

First question you should ask yourself when you have decided to start communication with a Russian woman is as follows:

Is your purpose to exchange letters or to find your soul mate and life partner?

Letter writing should be that instrument, which will help both of you understand if you are really interested in each other. The purpose of the introduction letter is to get a reply, get correspondence started. As one of our colleagues in the dating industry suggests, the style of the letter writing called “romantic minimalism” proves to be really the most effective. The first paragraph of your letter should capture the attention of your lady. Well, that’s the thing you should think hard about. Try beautiful words, but don’t get fanatic, even compliments can do harm if they are abundant. Look at the picture of hers, try to personalize. Then, write about yourself, but it’s not necessarily to specify your nickname, or how many miles from the nearest golf-field you live. What the lady really needs to know, is that you are serious, not just looking for a toy or a housekeeper, that you’re not another pen pal who’ll disappear, etc. Work, income and so on are good topics for the correspondence later on. You maybe Mr. President himself, but in introductory letter you should remain vague and unpretentious.

All the said doesn’t mean that you should write only two or three lines in your first letter. Nothing of the kind. In your letter you must show her that you are really interested in getting to know her. Just write a normal size letter. You are writing not a novel anyhow. Take a personal approach, try to focus on the keywords she used in her ad information. Don’t talk bad about the women you’ve been dating before, also, leave out the details of your previous relationships and married life, keep them for yourself. Don’t send dried flowers, it’s no more romantic and could be considered as bad omen. Use simple language, don’t quote Petrarche and Shakespeare, she’ll know later how well you are educated.

We recommend to send a picture or two with the introduction letter. A good face shot is important. Russian ladies give attention to the eyes, so, couple of photos with a smile would be good. Mind, that the photos should show you and not your material possessions, like car, house, office and so on; thus, you are at risk of attracting the wrong kind of girl.

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