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Why do Russian women look for their life partners in other countries? Can we
help you to find your bride? What is so special about women from Russia? Is
all this real? If you have these or other questions, you can get answers

How can Love Russian Woman help me?
Our international introduction and marriage agency can help you find family
oriented ladies with marriage in mind. We will do our best to help you
contact ladies, as well as provide you with a piece of advice and support
services you may need. We have connections to nice women we personally know. And this is our main advantage over many other agencies. Also, we offer a full spectrum of personal service to guarantee you will find the right
person. You can start browsing female applications right now.
There are many introduction agencies on the net. How to choose a good

This is one of the most frequent questions men send in their emails. There
are too many singles sites on the Internet today. A lot of these dating
sites are faceless and don’t provide services that can really help you find
a right person. There are many faceless international companies that buy
female applications in bulk and upload them to their sites. Of course such
companies cannot guarantee that all women they have in catalogues are still
wishing to get married or that they are real. Another thing is that there
are some women who send their applications to all agencies they can find on
the internet but their purpose is not marriage or serous relationships.

We don’t buy addresses or applications from other agencies. We have our
office in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia where we interview most
ladies. We don’t place personal ads of women if we have any doubts
concerning their intentions. We can assure you of getting the best
introduction service.

Why do many Russian women prefer older guys?

Russian and Ukrainian women usually think that a husband should be older. It is considered that an older man understands and reveres family values much better than a younger one. At the age of about 20 they are ready to create a family and raise children, but Russian men are more preoccupied with other things, that’s where all difficulties arise. So, age difference is not a problem for Russian women, they usually feel more secure and stable with men who are older by at least 10 years.
Do Russian women consider physical attractiveness to be a decisive factor?
“Physical attractiveness is not main in men,” that’s what Russian women usually say. His personal characteristics are valued more than his appearance. Almost all women wish to find a lifetime partner who would be understanding, honest, protective and reliable.

What are guaranties of a successful correspondence?
As everything in life love relationships can not be planned in advance. We provide all the services and do our best to ensure a successful correspondence for you and the women you have chosen, but everything depends on you. We would advise you to use our Tips when writing a letter and we will do everything we can to help.

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